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Scientific and production enterprise STELS was founded in 1996. Since that it proved to be one of the leading integrators of Ukraine. Main directions of activity for us are the following:

  • design and construction of the Data Processing Centers (DPC);
  • design and construction of mobile connection installations;
  • Protective screening of rooms;
  • Introduction of combined systems for protection of information (CSPI);
  • Manufacturing and mounting of collapsible screened servers and cabins, and also screened safes for storage of magnetic mediums;
  • Design and mounting of conditioning and ventilation systems, electric lay-outs, fire fighting systems, security and fire alarm, access control, video monitoring etc.;
  • Design and construction of acoustic rooms for negotiations, anechoic chambers, certifying and putting into operation shield installations;
  • Manufacturing of metal structures;
  • Flow detection of metal structures and provision of anticorrosive protection, and many other activities.


The company STELS performs whole scope of work on equipping server rooms and DPC – from development and approval of the project, constriction, lining, erection and electric mounting, up to equipping with facilities for conditioning, continuous power supply, fire fighting, alarm, active computing equipment, certifying and putting into operation. Our specialists have implemented many projects on building server rooms and DPC of different level of complexity. In that number, we are one of the first in Ukraine who provided supply and installing of module data-center (MDPC).

In addition, one of the prior direction of our activity is design and construction of installation for mobile and located connection. The company STELS is ready as quickest to perform whole scope of work under “turn –key” condition on existing and being constructed installations, including:

  • upgrade of existing base stations for mobile connection;
  • building of new installations on the roofs of buildings, tubes and other constructions;
  • erection of masts and towers on separated territories;
  • erection of reinforced concrete supports for mounting of suspension equipment;
  • manufacturing of metal structures, off load platforms, tie systems;
  • preparation of feeder routs and feeder laying, erection of antennas, signal amplifiers (TMA, DTMA), Radio Relay Equipment (RRE);
  • mounting of the equipment for base station, reserve supply systems (RSS) etc.;
  • design and building networks SDH/DWDM, SDH/PDH, PON. WiFi/WiMAX/LTE and line-cable installations on the basis of fiber-optical and copper cable;

High quality of implementation of our projects is achieved due usage of contemporary equipment made by leading global manufacturers and high professional background of specialists.

Besides, we implement special projects in the area of technical protection of information (TPI). During presence in the market the company STELS built more than 300 screened rooms for various companies from banking and public sectors in all regions of Ukraine. All projects have been certified and approved by testing results made by five laboratories.

During construction, protection and inspection of strengthening metal structures, the company STELS together with E.O.Paton electric Welding Institute, constantly introduces new welding and protective technologies, provides non-destructive testing and flow detection of tanks.

Our customers in Ukraine are:

  • National Bank of Ukraine;
  • State Treasury of Ukraine;
  • State Tax Administration of Ukraine;
  • Bank AVAL
  • Commercial Bank PRIVATBANK;
  • Comerzbank;
  • Raiffeizen Bank Ukraine;
  • Engineering Center of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Administration;
  • Kiev Municipal Center of Heart;
  • State enterprise UKRPATENT;
  • Buanolio Ltd. of Alliance group;
  • Oil tank farm Shelton-BUPON;
  • British Pertoleum Fuels LLC;
  • Many other public and private organizations.


During our work we actively use project management system which guarantees high quality and timely performance.

The company STELS constantly provides research activity and develops its own solutions. In recent years we developed and made special products in the area of technical protection of information, such as:

  • collapsible screened cabins (module servers);
  • mobile screened cases for 3-4 servers;
  • screened safes for storage of magnetic mediums;

Our company has personnel of dozens of highly qualified specialists and it also has all necessary licenses for design and works:

  • design and mounting of screened rooms (License of SSU serial No. AB109457);
  • construction activity (License AG No. 575144 issued by Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine dated 22.03.2011);
  • production of strengthening construction metalware (License of Ministry of Construction AB No.051274);
  • flow detection and non-destructive testing of metal structures and welded junctions;
  • activities in the area of fire fighting, fire and security alarm (License of State Department of Fire Safety AA No. 632933);
  • design, building and inspection of structured cable networks (License of SSU AB No. 109457).

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