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Basing on the technical specification of the customer we design and produce anechoic chambers (AEC), which appear as rooms being screened from electromagnetic emission. The AEC of certain dimensions and design, with straight and curved walls are lined by radio wave absorbing materials (RWAM) in order to attenuate reflection from internal surfaces of the rooms (walls, ceiling, floor) electromagnetic emissions and to provide in the chamber the echoless zone with certain level of reflection of electromagnetic waves.

The walls of the AEC are made of steel sheet with welded junctions and with the screening level 60dB and 100dB. The AEC’s are equipped with special doors having contact sealing along perimeter.

For screening air conduits and networks the special filters are used.

Lining with RWAM, types of RWAM and their properties depend on required range of frequencies, mechanical, fire proof, sanitary and other characteristics.


AEC allows conducting the following types of measurements:

  • space, amplitude and phase diagrams of directivity of antennas; polarization characteristics, amplification coefficients, resistance of emission and matching of antennas;
  • level of incoming losses by antenna housing, bearing and polarization errors caused by housing, distortion of diagrams of antenna’s directivity;
  • single and double range efficient scattering cross-sections of radar targets;
  • electromagnetic matching of radio technical complexes, efficient emitted capacity, adjustment of bearing systems;
  • measurement of discrimination between antennas.

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