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Building of case centers (rooms) is one of the ways to increase efficiency of management activity. This is unique tool to use acquired experience and unusual approaches to search for mechanisms of solutions difficult problems with possibility to forecast consequences and choose optimal ways for solution of these problems. This consequently increases: processing speed of actual information from different sources; efficiency of the whole organization, both in usual and urgent situations; corporate level.


Main objectives of case rooms:

  • gathering and analysis data about the management object;
  • forecast of situation development and building of models for consequences of made management decisions, basing on the results of analysis of incoming data;
  • increase of efficiency and quality of management decisions, expertise of decisions, their correction and optimization;
  • avoiding and elimination of crisis and extraordinary situations. 


The company STELS is a successful team of highly qualified specialists, which possess deep knowledge, and ready to perform any scope of work on building case rooms and special purposes rooms, which may include:

  • systems for displaying of different information (video, graphs and diagrams, electronic texts, electronic maps);
  • facilities for videoconferences;
  • systems for data input/output;
  • systems for executive control and management.

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