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In year 2002 the company STELS developed universal collapsible screened cabin. The construction of the cabin allows performing its mounting in any room and, if needed, dismantle it and move to another place. By its screening abilities the cabin fully corresponds to requirements of specifications and stays close by its parameters to whole-welded screened rooms. Technical specifications (TS of Ukraine 28.1-22897309.001-2002) for this are considered and approved by Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).


The cabin is mounted with using unified screened panels with dimensions 1 x 2 meters. This allows flexibly determine required size of the cabin and placement of its components, effect its mounting in the room without welding, and if needed, increase size of the cabin, dismantle it and move to another place. There is possibility to produce the cabin under individual parameters. The cabin has been tested in compliance with GOST P 50414-92 “Equipment for testing. Screened chambers” and corresponds to II class of screened cabins and meets requirements of Ukrainian specifications.

There is possibility to produce sound proof and fire resistant modifications of the cabin. It also stipulates possibility for mounting conditioner, fire fighting system and access control.


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