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Due to many years experience, own manufacturing capacities and highly qualified engineers and technicians, the company STELS is ready to perform as quickest any scope of work on operating or being constructed communication installations, starting from upgrading of infrastructure up to maintenance and integration of any kind of equipment.


The main principle of activity of our enterprise is combined solution of problems related to design, supply of required components and equipments, construction and maintenance of communication installations.

In order to achieve the stated goals our company applies the project management system, which allows to high quality and in-time performance within full cycle, from project documentation and calculations up to putting the installation into operation.

Quality of implementation is guaranteed by usage of contemporary equipment from leading global manufacturers, and high professional background of personnel.


The company STELS implements projects of different difficulty taking into account peculiarities of customer’s activity and his financial and manufacturing capacities. The company can assist in:

  • choice of equipment manufacturer;
  • decision making;
  • analysis of economic activity;
  • design;
  • introduction of decisions;
  • service;
  • upgrade and/or optimization.

We are always ready to offer to our customers the optimal ways for engineering solutions, professionalism and wise approach to project implementation with consideration of customer’s demands.


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