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Contemporary dispatching room is equipped with set of specialized equipment – so called dispatching system. The main objective for establishment of such system is: control of parameters and current state, and also managing of engineering equipment of scattered complexes within single management system; provision of the personnel with timely and reliable information about state of the dispatched object for analysis and optimal decision making in engineering equipment management; increase safety level and failure resistance of engineering equipment.


Having significant experience of equipping the dispatching rooms, monitoring posts and management of complicated complexes of equipment, the company STELS is ready to implement combined project on equipping the object with dispatching system, which can help to achieve:

  • decrease of expenses for running and continuous operation of engineering equipment due to timely reaction of the personnel on emerged situations;
  • single metering of energy resources and decrease of expenses for energy sources due to optimal regulation of parameters of operation of the engineering equipment;
  • provision of automatized metering of running indicators of engineering equipment aiming to conduct timely technical service;
  • filing of technological processes, running of engineering systems and actions of the personnel.

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