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Infrastructure of each building or engineering structure stipulates presence of various engineering life-support systems. Dispatching system allows setting automatized management and monitoring of technological equipment of building (structure) infrastructure, and to increase significantly safety and reliability of its functioning, and also decrease operation expenses.

Dispatching system allows to consolidate systems of safety, communication and engineering systems into single complex, where management and monitoring of technological equipment is done in real time.


Dispatching system can control over the following engineering systems: electric supply and lights, continuous and emergency supply; heating; ventilation and conditioning; water supply and canalization; smoke exhausting and fire alarm; various special engineering systems (gas detection, anti flooding systems, systems for control of building constructions, elevators, escalators etc.).

The company STELS offers combined solutions for the following objects:


  • Data Processing Centers;
  • Technological systems;
  • АAdministration and industrial buildings;
  • Logistic centers and warehouses;
  • Business-centers and malls;
  • Hotels and condominiums;
  • Education authorities;
  • Medical authorities;
  • Airports and railway stations;
  • Automobile and railroad transport;
  • Other objects with engineering systems.


Solutions of the company STELS in the area of dispatching are based on international branch standards, which allow developing optimal solutions on the basis of various manufacturers of the equipment.


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