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Data Processing Centers (DPC)
Protective Screening
Facilities for special purposes

Activities of SPE STELS: 

  • combined system for protection of information (CSPI) ;
  • protective screening of rooms;
  • acoustic rooms for negotiations;
  • anechoic chambers;
  • collapsible server and screened cabins;
  • screened safes for storage of magnetic mediums (data-safes)
  • certifying and putting into operation of screened structures;
  • engineering  systems of shielded rooms and DPC’s;
  • systems for continuity of power supply and grounding of screened structures;
  • design, construction and mounting works on server rooms and DPC’s;
  • design and mounting of conditioning and ventilation systems, electric and local computing networks, fire fighting systems, security and fire alarms, access control, video monitoring.



Scientific and production enterprise STELS  is successful team of highly –qualified specialists, which possess deep knowledge and deal with researches in area of technical protection of information (TPI).

When establishing data processing centers (DPC) we apply efficient combination of own developments and achievements of leading global manufacturers of the equipment. Such approach allows achieving optimal correspondence between price, quality and terms of implementation of the project. For us there are no insoluble tasks – in compliance with customer’s requirements we can create screened protective DPC of any capacity with consideration of all peculiarities. Also, the company STELS possess unique experience in installation of mobile screened protective DPC in Ukraine. We are the first successful integrator for mobile DPC made for domestic customer.




Impetuous development of contemporary communication facilities, computers and Internet, leads to higher density filling of environment with high-frequency electromagnetic disturbance. Directed electromagnetic fields more often interfere the quality of communication, lead to breaks in operation of computing systems. Simultaneously, with application of special gadgets through accessory fields one can hear negotiations, read confidential information from servers, and interfere operation of computing systems.

The only physically grounded and highly reliable way of passive protection is special screening of computer rooms or placing the equipments into screened cabins. This solution allows to achieve weakening of background signal by millions times.

Our specialists have already implemented several projects on establishing usual screened and special located rooms with much more higher capabilities in terms of requirements both for attenuation of signal and frequency screening range.



The company STELS during 22 years constantly provides practical research activities in area of technical protection of information.

One of our nowadays developments is a product which is applied as facility for protection of speech information – sound-proof cabins (negotiation rooms).


Due to the sound barrier being produced by the construction of the offered product, dangerous sound pressure and vibration are weakened that much so they can not leave its perimeter. Our facilities have transparent sound-proof panels above and from four sides. This closed space creates comfortable conditions for negotiating inside the cabin. Transparency of the facility construction provides full visual control over negotiation area.



Dispatching and automatization of engineering systems (DAES) is an operation complex, both located and mobile, designed to provide operation of all engineering systems in automatized mode.

Functionally, DAES provides dispatch control and opportunity for decision control by operator (dispatcher) in order to provide optimal energy-saving and operational modes.


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