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Mobile DPC (MDPC) is actually not in often need , but in some cases it may become really irreplaceable decision, for instance, when:

  • there is no appropriate room for mounting new DPC;
  • there is need to open or grow capacity of the DPC as quickest;
  • there is urgent need for reserve DPC;
  • there is need for executive complex (for example for the exploration industry enterprises);
  • regional network of the company is rapidly developing.


Mobile DPC appears as metal whole-welded container, usually with length 20 or 40 feet, which contains all necessary infrastructure components of the data center: server packs, cooling systems, lay-out of wires, conditional access system, fire fighting facilities, remote monitoring tools etc.


MDPC is ready to operate at once, and its engineering systems are balanced in a best way – this hi-tech “turn-key” solution has all features of the traditional PDC, still being compared it has some advantages such as:

  • high speed of introduction (6-8 times faster than traditional PDC);
  • dislocation independence;
  • design, manufacturing and maintenance are performed by representatives of the best global manufacturers;
  • mobility;
  • consideration of additional requirements of the customer.


MDPC is upgraded in compliance with specific needs of the customer. Body of the container can be made refractory, explosion-resistant, water-proof, protected from electromagnetic interference etc. Individual needs are also taken into account when mounting cooling system, continuity of power supply, placing of packs.


The company STELS possess unique developments in building mobile shielded secure DPC.

Our advantages are many-years experience of building shielded secure data centers, co-operation with global leading manufacturers and high competence of the specialists. Having chosen the company STELS the customer can be confident that the project of DPC will be implemented timely with high performance.


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