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Using shielded secure DPC is very topical nowadays. Increase of density of equipment placement, data volume, information processing rate leads to higher possibility of error which could emerge because of vulnerability of the DPC’s equipment. Main threads for IT-subsystem of DPC are the following:

  • interference caused by electromagnetic fields (directed or random);
  • of natural or anthropogenic nature;
  • unauthorized reading of confidential information;
  • access of unauthorized personnel;
  • firing inside or outside of DPC;
  • water leakage through the roof of the DPC.

One of the main direction s of activity of the company STELS is protective screening of the DPC’s

Ground for success of every implemented project is made by high professional level and significant practical experience of the staff of the company STELS. We perform the whole range of work related to protection facilities for DPC’s, such as: 

  • building of screened rooms;
  • encapsulation of DPC rooms;
  • building of refractory server rooms;
  • combined activities for physical safety (conditional access systems, video monitoring, unbreakable and refractory doors);
  • introduction of facilities for automatic fire fighting;
  • safety provision for cable inputs;
  • protective grounding etc.

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