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One of our today’s developments is the product which is used as protection facility for speech information – sound proof cabins (TS U 28.1-22897309-003:2008). (negotiation rooms).

The offered product provides and guarantees security of your confidential information from unauthorized hearing during holding important meetings and negotiations. Our sound proof cabins are designed to secure speech information from leakage through acoustic and vibroacoustic channels.

Due to the sound barrier created by the construction of the offered product, dangerous sound pressure and vibration and weakened that much so they can not leave it’s perimeter. Our facilities have transparent sound-proof panels above and from four sides. This closed space creates comfortable conditions for negotiating inside the cabin. Transparency of the facility construction provides full visual control over negotiation area.

The cabins of combined design additionally provide disguise of confidential speech information by active noise signal which makes unauthorized hearing impossible even with using special facilities.

We produce cabins of different dimensions; they may be designed for 2-3 persons – small, 3-5 persons – middle, 5 – 8 persons – large.

These products consist of collapsible panels, which allow easy mounting on site; they also are equipped with system for independent ventilation. The cabins can be additionally furnished with furniture, light protective shutters. The doors of the cabin have locking system of increased reliability with indication of the current state.

Conditioning, communication, electric supply, security alarm and systems for alarm lights depending on the purpose of the cabin, are submitted under consideration with the customer.


For better protection results, one should use our product along with organizational actions. Usage of the offered product (negotiation rooms) significantly increases your informational security.


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